The only Master Worthy of Serving_10PT3

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The only Master Worthy of serving_10 John 3:26-36For many months, the Jordan River had been the scene of a growing ministry. To this place had come a man from the wilderness, proclaiming that the kingdom of heaven was at hand. He had preached repentance and had baptized those who showed the fruits of that repentance.After an extended period of ministry, Jesus has returned to the area of the Jordan and many of those who had been identified with John's ministry are now going over to Him after hearing of the fantastic miracles which had been performed in Jerusalem. John goes forward telling everyone their is only one master worthy of serving.As our scene opens, there will be a new problem arising. It will be a problem of professional jealousy on the part of John's disciples.John has been a voice in the wilderness, proclaiming the coming of the Lord. Jesus is now seen as the Word who was from the beginning, but who has now come to be the communication of God to man.Jesus has been given the entire universe. It is God's present to the Son. But that is not all. When you come to Christ in faith, you become a co-heir with Him. When you give up who you are to become who He has called you to be, He blesses you with every spiritual blessing.
We live in the present tense. The past cannot be recovered. And we cannot see the future yet. But we are in the present. And, right now, you either have eternal life, or else the wrath of God abides on you. There is no other choice available.

Jan 31, 2024
Midweek Service
John 3:26-36
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