Inherit By Patience

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The dictate of scripture that we are given here is simple. Find those who lead well and follow after them. They have broken trail, we must enlarge and maintain it, for there will be those following behind who have need of our faithfulness. It is simple enough to understand, but it is so profoundly challenging to us on nearly every level, that we seldom find people even willing to admit that it is the command of God, let alone willing to set out for obedience.
But here is the crux of the matter; the horns of the dilemma… We are promised (John 6.37-40) that every single one who God has chosen for Himself will be saved; we are further instructed (1John 2.18-19)that those who fall away and do not return are giving evidence that they were NEVER saved in the first place; AND we are told (Philippians 1.6) that God will certainly complete the work He has begun in us…
This means that we MUST set ourselves with all we have in us to follow after the command of God and to patiently pursue Him and His righteousness. We must have faith that no matter what today looks like right now, God is at work and will surely complete His own glory. We must not lose heart and we MUST leave good trail for those who are following after us…

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Duration 1:01:39
Date Jan 29, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Hebrews 6:11-12
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