Counterfeits in the Church

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This morning as we look at Acts Chapter 8 I want to talk to on the subject of Counterfeits in the Church.

Throughout the world there are people in Churches that are not real Christians, there actually Counterfeits in the pews.

Simon had also made a great impact on Samaria with his magic.
I want you to note that Simon previously practiced sorcery. Acts 8.9
He amazed the people of Samaria and they thought he was the great power of God.
In the days of the early church there were counterfeiters in the Church and there are counterfeiters in the Church today.
There are those in our day in religious circles that deceive people with the miraculous. Simon had been a deceiver.

Philip was doing miracles and Simon was doing magic.

Satan has always had his counterfeiters.

Today there are multitudes of people throughout the world that claim that they believe in Jesus Christ and are even baptized.

You can believe in Jesus Christ historically, you can believe in Jesus Christ factually but you may not believe in Jesus Christ spiritually.

You can be baptized under the water but not be under the blood!

Jan 29, 2023
Sunday - AM
Acts 8
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