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The Godless Chronology of Conquerors. Daniel 11:1-45Following the death of Alexander, his domains were split up among four of his military commanders and inaugurated the age of Greek influence throughout the Mediterranean World. Daniel ch. 11 though complicated and challenging to read, provides insight into this era and evidence of God's providence in protecting his people during turbulent times. The Hellenistic world is that world that was created after the conquests of the near east by Alexander the Great at the end of the fourth century B.C. And his conquest, which extended from India all the way through Egypt, was divided into three main areas within 20 years after his death."Hellenism is, a practice, primarily centered around polytheistic and animistic worship. Devotees worship the Greek gods, which are the Olympians, divinities and spirits of nature (such as nymphs), underworld deities and heroes. Both physical and spiritual ancestors are greatly honored.God used the persecution by Antiochus Epiphanes to refine and purify the Jewish people and to cleanse them from their sins, both individually and nationally. In their terrifying sufferings, some of the Jews cried out for the Lord to have mercy upon them and to save them. Of course, as is true during any period of intense suffering, many who were unbelieving and complacent turned to the Lord for help. And others who had become lethargic and complacent recommitted their lives.

Jan 25, 2023
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Daniel 11
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