God's Eternal Purpose #26b Innocence of Creation to the Fall


Class number 26b The State of Innocence of Man to the Fall. Did you ever want to sit in the seminary class with Dr. Jim? This class comes straight from the Seminary class-room to you. Dr. Carl E Farrar teaches God's Eternal Purpose At CMBI. This was an advanced Theological class taught at CMBI. Dr. Farrar 1909-1987 was one of the most learned well read teachers that Dr. Jim ever sat under as a student. As you listen to Dr. Farrar you will hear the knowledge and thinking that was instilled into all of Dr. Farrar's students. There was never a more humble student of God's Word than this man here. We will upload as many of his classes as we can for your edification in becoming a true Bible student. Dr. Farrar taught 29 years at CMBI. He left a legacy in students that has reached all over the world. The Expanded Panorama Bible Study Course by Alfred Thompsom Eade pages 34-ff. Dr. Jim Phillips was a co-teacher and Substitute teacher in all of Dr. Farrar's classes.

Sermon ID 1291503020
Duration 32:21
Date Jan 21, 1976
Category Teaching
Bible Text 2 Timothy 2:15; Genesis 3:1-6
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