Bondage or Freedom?

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Theme: God Gives Salvation to His People, Going Back to the Law Returns Us to Bondage!
I. God Sent His Son and His Spirit Upon His People as Sons and Heirs – vv. 1-7
A. God's People Under the Law as a Tutor, Until the Son Came – vv. 1-5
B. God Sends His Spirit Upon Us as His Sons and Therefore Heirs – vv. 6-7
II. There are Those Eager to Turn us Back from the Gospel to Weak Elements – vv. 8-18
A. Why would You Turn Back to Bondage to Beggarly Elements? -- vv. 8-11
B. It is Better To Have a Physical Infirmity than Walk Away from the Gospel – vv. 12-15
C. They Zealously Seek You, but for their Own Advantage – vv. 16-20
III. Do You Understand that The Law Means Bondage, the Gospel Means Freedom? – vv. 21-31
A. Do You Understand what Returning to the Law Means? – vv. 21-23
B. Ishmael and Isaac Symbolize Two Covenants...One of Bondage, One of Freedom – vv. 24-31

Jan 28, 2024
Sunday Service
Galatians 4
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