Jehoshaphat: The Fear of God

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Jehu the prophet showed great boldness in confronting King Jehoshaphat as he returned from joining with King Ahab of Israel (2 Chronicles 19:1-2).

Jehu has the boldness of Nathan who declared, "You are the man!" to David in response to David's rage against a rich man who stole and slaughtered a poor man's lamb that "was like a daughter to him" (2 Samuel 12:1-7).

As with David who repented (Psalm 32:1-7; Psalm 51:10-12), so King Jehoshaphat demonstrates true repentance as he sets his heart on seeking God (2 Chronicles 19:3).

Jehoshaphat not only repents, but he moved among the people and "turned them back to the God of their fathers" (2 Chronicles 19:4).

He appoints godly judges, admonishing them to "let the fear of the LORD be upon you" (2 Chronicles 19:5-6).

In the Gospel of Luke, the Lord Jesus cites an example of an unjust judge who "neither feared God nor cared (entrépō; ἐντρέπω: "Have regard for, respect") about men" (Luke 18:2). But this cynical and calloused politician responded to a poor widow who kept harassing him (Luke 18:3-5).

Jan 28, 2024
Sunday Service
2 Chronicles 19; Luke 18:1-5
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