Their Sola Scriptura Part 1

Featured on Jun 3, 2014

While the Reformers speak much about "sola scriptura" there Westminster Confession of Faith and their doctrines shows they do not really believe it.
B.B. Warfield said, "It must be observed, however that the teachings and prescriptions of Scriptures are NOT confined by the Confession to what is 'expressly set down in Scripture' but also what 'by good and necessary consequences may be DEDUCED from Scripture.' This is the strenous and universal contention of the Reformed theology...and it involves a characteristic honoring of REASON as the instrument for ascertainment of truth. "We must depend upon our human faculties to ascertain what Scripture says;...REASON is the instrument of discovering all doctrines and duties," THE WESTMINISTER ASSEMBLY AND ITS WORK, pp 226,227
This is the opposite of what John Knox said, "All worshiping, honoring, or service invented by the brain of man in the religion of God, without His own express commandment, is IDOLATRY."
The error of the Reformers is they are Credalists, Baptists are Biblists.

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Date Dec 8, 2013
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