The Terror of God, an Awakening Truth


Paul's knowledge of the attributes of God and the sinfulness of sin causes him to understand something of God's wrath and righteous judgement for sin. This stirs him up to evangelistic zeal.
1 Wrath is compatable with the nature of God.
2 Wrath is appropriate to its object.
3 Wrath is a necessary truth that sinners must hear.
What did Paul know? 1 The Biblical record of judgement. 2 The eschatalogical fact of judgement. 3 The saving reality of judgement.
Why did Paul preach the terror of the Lord? Honesty and diligence demands it. Evangelism demands it.
Application 1 The wrath of God is necessary. 2 We must guard against diminishing God's terror. The glory and excellency of God is desplayed in his terror. 4 Since God is such an excellent Being then sin is incomparably malignant. As believers, we must every day confess our sins against our holy and pure and righteous God.

Sermon ID 1280953330
Duration 44:15
Date Jan 27, 2009
Category Midweek Service
Bible Text 2 Corinthians 5:11
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