State of Iowa v Anthony Edward Miano (Testimony and Sentencing)


On May 30, 2017, Tony Miano was cited/arrested outside the Planned Parenthood in Iowa City (IA). The charge: "Disorderly Conduct--Loud and Raucous Noise." When Tony was contacted by police that day, he was reading his Bible aloud, on a public sidewalk, 60' away from the front door of the abortuary.

On January 9, 2018, Tony stood trial, with Magistrate Edward Leff presiding.

A jury of six found Tony guilty as charged.

Magistrate Leff sentenced Tony to 30 days county jail (suspended), one year self-supervised probation, a fine, and to have no contact with any Planned Parenthood while on probation.

In this audio, you will hear Tony's testimony in open court. Following Tony's testimony, you will hear Magistrate Leff pronounce his sentence against Tony.

This audio is offered without commentary. The words of both men stand on their own.

Recorded Jan 9, 2018
Published Jan 27, 2018
Bible Text Acts 4:18-22; Matthew 10:16-20
Event Special Meeting
Sermon ID 12718165121