The New Jerusalem, The City of God


In this sermon we search the Scriptures to understand The New Jerusalem.
We also look at the dimensions of the city and what it would look like if 60 Billion people were to live in God's Holy City.

We are talking about a massive unimaginable city. But that's the nature of heaven, it is beauty to the extreme, glory to the extreme. Holiness to the extreme, perfection in all its parts to the extreme. Heaven is the absolute perfect epitome of everything that God has created it is the very canvas which God paints the artwork of his mind upon.

If we just looked at the square footage which is what lays on the ground that equals 2,017,678. 2 square miles.
But this city is not just a flat spot on the ground, this is the new city and it's a perfect cube so our dimensions are 1420.45 miles x 1420.45 miles x 1420.45 miles.
That equals 2,866,011,003 miles cubed.

Jan 25, 2015
Sunday Afternoon
Hebrews 11:8-10
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