Sexual Ethics for God's Redeemed People


The codes of sexual purity are responses to covenantal participation of the redeemed not the means to attain salvation. Sanctification proceeds from salvation out of the response of a grateful heart. God has the prerogative to determine the sexual ethics of His redeemed people, and His word is the standard of righteousness. These laws reveal the shortcomings of the patriarchs such as Abraham, Lot and Jacob. Prostitution, adultery, child-sacrifice, homosexuality and bestiality are called abominations. The Lord's normal way of prospering the Kingdom of Christ is through the raising up of children, and when the people of God turn to abominable practices the godly line is threatened. Even today many children in the visible church are sacrificed to Moloch for the convenience of their parents often through secret adultery and fornication. Jesus Christ is revealed in the promises of a godly seed. God saves His people and preserves them from all manner of sins.

Sermon ID 127132245352
Duration 43:54
Date Jan 13, 2013
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Galatians 5:16-25; Leviticus 18
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