The Conversion of the Philippian Jailer

God’s Mighty Work in Saving the Philippian Jailer

Acts 16:16-40

I. A Possessed Girl and Those who Profited from Her 16:16-24

A.  The Girl who was Possessed   16-18a

B.  Her Deliverance  18

    Calvin “If Paul had acceded to that testimony, there would have been no difference between the saving doctrine of Christ and the mockeries of Satan.  The splendor of the gospel would have been enveloped in the darkness of falsehood and so would have been extinguished.”

C. The Motivation of her Masters  19

D.  Their Hatred toward Paul and Silas  20-24


II. Another Mighty Deliverance of God 16:25-30

III. The Conversion of the Philippian Jailer and his Family 16:31-34

IV. Paul Leaves a Solid Church behind in Philippi 16:35-40

Jan 25, 2015
Sunday Service
Acts 16:16-40
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