The Law of God, 1


This is the first part of a study of God's law. Man is unique among the creatures, because he alone was created in the image of God. One aspect of that divine image is the moral stamp that reflects God's own character, and so to be human is to have a sense of right and wrong. Even after the fall that divine sense of right and wrong is retained, though it can be suppressed and twisted. When individuals, communities or civilizations suppress the knowledge of God, God gives them over to twisted thinking and perverse acts. In order to understand the tidal wave that is sweeping away moral standards in modern America, one must consider what Americans allowed to happen in the early nineteen-sixties: the rejection of God from our public life. After that America lost its first war, the Vietnam War, and fifty-eight thousand Americans lost their lives for nothing. The suppression of divine truth is the impetus behind the destruction our public institutions and the rise of such things as the Gay Pride Movement. This message is part of a larger series entitled 'Great Teachings of the Bible.' Using historic documents such as the Anglican Thirty-nine Articles of Religion, the London Confession of Baptist Faith and the Westminster Confession of Faith to frame our questions, this series examines basic Bible truths.

Jan 25, 2006
Midweek Service
Genesis 1; Genesis 2; Romans 1; Romans 2
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