C19th Century

The heavenly timetable disclosed in Revelation climaxes with vials.

I. The seven vials (Revelation 16.2-11)

A. The first vial (Revelation 16.2). Atheism.
B. The second vial (Revelation 16.3) Revolution.
C. The third vial (Revelation 16.4) Wars.
D. The fourth vial (Revelation 16.8-9) Tyranny.
E. The fifth vial (Revelation 16.10-11) Papal dominion ended.

II. The sixth vial (Revelation 16.12-16)

The 6th vial describes the conditions preceding a great conflict.

A. Imagery. The geographical imagery (verse 12) The location of idolatrous hostility to God and his covenant people. The zoological imagery (verse 13) – frogs.

B. Interpretation. The spirit of the age spreading unclean ideas promoting ungodliness. Rationalism fostered a skeptical intellectualism that idolized reason. Popery: initiatives to reinstate papal authority. False teaching was promoted by the Jesuits.

C. Exhortation. We must be vigilant and preserve truth, holiness and spirituality of life.

III. Armageddon (Revelation 19.11,15)

A. Armageddon is a decisive, final, spiritual battle (Judges 5.19).

B. Nineteenth century victories (1) Preserving the Message. (2) Continuing the Method. ‘The Prince of Preachers’. (3) Experiencing the Power. The 2nd Great Awakening 1857-1860. Further missions

Conclusion: A preview of greater things to come?

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