Are There Two Kingdoms? Secular vs. Spiritual Worlds? - Interview: John Frame

Featured on Feb 25, 2023

Theology matters. What is taught in the seminaries is usually preached in the churches a few years later. Could it be that what is taught in the churches is destroying the nation? Are there seminaries that are to blame for the separation of faith from life—and the failure of Christians to influence the culture?

Sadly, a large segment of the church is taken by a two-kingdom pietism and an aversion to the application of God's law to all areas of life. This two-kingdom ideology affects many if not most Lutherans, Catholics, Evangelicals, and other mainline denominations. These “two-kingdom” folks take a different view of the Christian faith, the relationship of faith to life, and the interaction of the individual with his institutions and covenant units.

Author and seminary teacher John Frame has written a book titled "The Escondido Theology." Dr. Frame discusses these attempts to revive two-kingdom thinking in the present generation among evangelicals, reformed seminaries, and churches. Visit Kevin Swanson's blog for more background on this important topic.

Recorded Jan 25, 2012
Published Jan 25, 2012
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