David - Facing Consequences

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To know God is the greatest treasure in all of life. The treasure of knowing God comes to us through His Word. Are you finding the treasures of God? He has left them out in plain sight in His Book the Bible.

Please open with me to one of the most treasure laden chapters in the Bible—Psalm 51. These 19 verses have been the source of hope to many troubled by sin, comforting more repentant hearts than nearly any other chapter of the Bible.

Our return to Psalm 51 is part of a careful look at the three final eras of David's life. The twenty or so years after David's sin with Bathsheba (when he was about age 50) divide into three distinct lessons that are captured for our learning by God's Word.

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Duration 57:18
Date Aug 20, 2006
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Psalm 51
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