The Stirring Up of Zeal…

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The Stirring Up of Zeal…

We must remember (and prayerfully you also) that:

We're passing through... this world!
We're praying through... this journey!
We're pressing through... this trial!
We're praising through... this battle!

Therefore, we must fix our eyes on Jesus and rest in His perfect peace.

Life can be hard without Jesus and His mercy. It may not appear that way now but you can rest assured it will at some point. Life will knock you down, beat you up, and even stomp you until — misery and despair consume your days. This life, in all its grandeur and glory, will fail us, forsake us, fool us, famish us, fatigue us, and make fools out of us — but God and His lovingkindness cannot. This life — no matter how grand it may be — can't be all we have. This frail flesh and blood of ours will not inherit the kingdom of God — NEVER!

As David would say: "Because Your lovingkindness is better than life (for life will fail us but He and His mercies cannot fail) our lips shall praise You." (Psalm 63:3)

We need a battle-proven commander to stir up something in us that we didn't even know was there. I know One who is able and proven to be forever praise-worthy.

Welcome to our Briggs Chapel Sunday Evening Preaching and Teaching Time with Pastor Nick Holden (01.21.2024).

Join us as we seek to understand why and how God's people can do extraordinary things in the face of extraordinary conditions — overcoming the vice and voice of their enemies. And how trust and treasuring the Lord and His ways will guard our hearts and what is ours more efficiently than anything in all the world.

Jan 23, 2024
Sunday Service
Acts 20; Isaiah 42:13
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