Obstinate Pride and Stiff Necked Destruction

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Hear this WARNING from God.

From the small child to teenager, to adult. All who hear the truth and harden their own hearts.
The wicked imagine they have another day and esteem themselves as being too valuable to leave this world.
They do not truly believe that there Will come to that day when they Will meet face to face with God’s vengeance.
They fancy some strange beings, or some supernatural event will take them peacefully.
They cannot imagine the harshest of realities of death and judgment await them.
Their Judgement “will” Come.
It is appointed for man ONCE to die.
How shall you die? Will it be with pride and obstinate rebellion?
Your death will be “SUDDEN” it will land upon you as a force of unstoppable nature,
and no man knows the day of the hour of their death. But be assured that it can happen at any moment.
God’s own vengeance is waiting at any moment to crash down with savage recompence.
For you oh proud man owe God a debt, and it will be satisfied and you have stored up wrath upon seething wrath. Every day you shook your fist at any authority God place over you.Every day you refused to be corrected. Every day you thought you were too good of a person to be broken in humility.
And God was keeping the tally, He wrote down everything you said and did and thought.Every idle word a man speaks he will give an account thereof on the day of vengeance. God Has kept a record of everything you have ever done, and he will pay you every drop of payment you have earned. God has promised to pay you, and you worked so hard to earn those wages of wickedness and he will drain the dregs of Hell to pay you what he owes you- Death!

Jan 21, 2018
Sunday Service
Deuteronomy 32:35; Proverbs 29:1; Proverbs 29:23
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