Come, See, & Stay With Jesus


Jesus is the initiator, the true seeker, and searcher for His people. John the Baptist has denied that he was the Messiah. He has been faithful to his calling as a prophet, and has pointed Jesus out to Israel. But his ministry will not continue into the New Covenant. He would fade away and transfer his disciples to Jesus. This might seem sad, but his joy would be complete in his seeing disciples becoming New Covenant disciples. He looks at Jesus intently and that look is important as he points out His mission to the world - Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. This look convinced the disciples of His message. This is how we are to be with our children, and all who we would have come to know Christ as their Savior. This look of affection for Jesus is very important for us to have because we are all sinners. And He must look upon every sinner, to turn His face toward them, to manifest His glory to them. And this look of Jesus is what would begin the New Testament Church with these men, Andrew, Peter, James and John. Each of us must come and see. This is the primary reason why we come to church, to "see" Jesus and to hold communion with Him. Our abiding with Him is our blessedness now.

Dec 31, 2023
Sunday Service
John 1:35-51
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