The Holy Ghost: 2 "Pentecostalism and Personality"


Still receiving intense responses to this recent sermon. Apparently people love a little tongue speaking ;) Anyway, it is strange how deeply many of these experiences resonate with other's own religious biography. Even if they disagree with the conclusions many agree with the errors of the Pentecostal experience. The deep sense of guilt at not being able to manufacture the miraculous, the common imposition of artificial religious experience by spiritual leaders, the fear that God is distant brought on by the setting of unreasonable and unbiblical expectations for the christian life. The thing that seems peculiar to people is that I both believe and don't believe in the gift of tongues: I believe in the miraculous gift of the Holy Ghost to speak in languages and do not believe that the current practice of the pentecostal and charismatic churches is authentically that gift. It is more peculiarly as described by the Apostle Paul, "A clanging gong or a ringing cymbal" with no distinction in the sound that could communicate the Gospel or edify the Church. The Gospel of Jesus is so important that we would not like to see it confused by these matters of light importance, and if there is one thing the Apostle paul said was of lighter significance it was the gift of tongues. "in the church I desire to speak five words with my mind so that I may instruct others also, rather than ten thousand words in a tongue." 1st Corinthians 14

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Duration 37:42
Date Jan 4, 2015
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Isaiah 40:9-11
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