The Only Prince We Dare Trust


We have seen how King Saul, by disobedience to God, plagued by an evil spirit sent from God, quickly sank into paranoia, delusion, madness, and murder, dragging his people down with him, just as Samuel had warned.

Our princes betray us, and we betray them, and together we are fit for the judgment of God.

Only Jesus can save men from demons, and mental illness, and the frailties of our minds and hearts.

We have a king who is not crazy like Saul, paranoid, delusional, or driven by an evil spirit, betraying his closest friends.

No! our King Jesus is all wisdom, knowledge, righteousness, sanctification and redemption, to us and for us!

By these means, Jesus heals broken minds and casts away evil spirits.

In his gospel, the physician Luke was particularly drawn toward this mighty power of Christ, because he knew how impossible it is for doctors to heal demonic possession or mental defects.

Most remarkable of all was Christ's healing of Mary Magdalene from seven demons. She turned in love towards her Savior, and ministered to Him and His disciples from then on.

Mary had been transformed by Christ from demonic lunacy, to a clear-eyed love for and dedication to Jesus, that survived His death, and rose exultant in His resurrection!

To her, then, was given that ultimate privilege to be the very first saint of God to see her risen Redeemer and Lord!

We ought to seek the Lord in supplication for those we know with demons, or crazy minds, or irrational thoughts.

We must never write such poor people off, or give up on them. Even when there is nothing we can personally do to help them, we can still pray to our Lord Jesus, Who has all power to deliver them.

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Duration 47:52
Date Dec 18, 2022
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text John 20:10-18; Luke 8:26-39
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