What Are You Doing Here?


The 'season' of treating COVID as the most important thing in our life or responding as if it's an emergency is long past. The new year will not bring an end to COVID as long as there is fear, power, and money involved. COVID is real, but we must also respond to the damage that is caused by societal 'response' to Corona (lockdown, arrests, stopping education & church, masks, etc.) that is outpacing COVID deaths at a scale never before seen. It it the defining 'First Great Test of the Last Great Century' (see sermon) where we must decide as believers how to respond; merely to 'live' or to 'thrive.' We must allow the Lord to ask us, as Elijah, 'What Are You Doing Here?' and obediently respond, even in the midst of danger and poor public opinion.

Sermon ID 1229202216455519
Duration 1:06:31
Date Dec 27, 2020
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text 1 Kings 19; Ecclesiastes 3
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