The Bible and our relationship with Christ


I. The Most Amazing Book in the World

II. Scripture builds our relationship with Jesus Christ

  1. The Scripture Reveals Jesus Christ
  2. The Scripture Transforms Us into Christ
    A. By the new birth
    B. By nourishing the new life in Christ

III. All the Great Men and Women of God Have Been Bible Readers

IV. Practical Helps For Bible Reading:

  1. Develop a plan for regular, disciplined Bible reading and study.
  2. Create a place and time.
  3. Use a good, readable Bible. Become familiar with your Bible.
  4. Read-meditate on the Bible (Jos. 1:8, Ps.1:2,119:15,18,98,99)
  5. Use Bible reading projects.
  6. Listen to the Bible on tape.
  7. Ask someone to hold you accountable for your Bible reading.
  8. Use your Bible reading to add to your prayers.
  9. Be doers of the Word, not just readers (James 1:23, 24).
Dec 27, 2009
Sunday Service
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