Dual Kingdom, Dueling Gospels


[PDF edited 10/2015]. Since 1909 the Scofield Reference Bible has enjoyed great popularity - despite the fact that Scofield's notes contain many blatant, serious, and even "damnable" heresies, including 4 separate gospels in the N.T. era and dismissal of Christ's teachings as being irrelevant to the Church. This series of messages refutes Scofield's heresies from a balanced premillennial perspective, aiming to correct the hyper-dispensational brand of premillennialism that Scofield popularized, along with his false views of the Kingdom, of Christ's message and ministry, and of the Gospel itself.

In this important Part 3 message we refute Scofield’s most damnable and despicable of heresies; that the “Gospel of the Kingdom” preached by the Lord Jesus is not the same gospel that Paul preached or that we are to preach; that there are in fact 4 separate gospels that must be distinguished in the NT era; and further that Christ’s earthly teachings were for Israel alone and have no relevance to the Church. First however, we refute the heresy that Scofield taught to lead into the others; that there are 2 separate kingdoms in view in the Bible; (1) the Kingdom of Heaven, allegedly the earthly kingdom promised to National Israel, offered to Israel at Christ’s first advent, but rejected; and (2) the Kingdom of God, being the heavenly kingdom occupied by the Church. We show conclusively that these 2 are clearly one and the same; that Christ's kingdom is NOT divided; there is only ONE King, with ONE Kingdom.

Sermon ID 1228131536403
Duration 33:23
Date Dec 28, 2013
Category Radio Broadcast
Bible Text John 1:17; Matthew 12:5
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