A New Look At John 3:16

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INTRO: I read an article some time ago that questioned the general understanding of John 3:16. Having studied the word agape, translated love, for some years it caught my interest and I began to make a study of my own. Here is the question: What does the word "so" mean in John 3:16. We are in a time of a "love" saturated Christianity. I have spent much time trying to understand the word agapee translated "love" as used in the NT. We are all familiar with the Greek word agapee because we hear it quite often.
We live in a time when the church is supposedly agapee love saturated. The problem is we understand the word agapee from our English word love. How did we become such a "love" saturated church? Many years ago I read a book on D. L. Moody. He is the Moody after whom the Moody Bible Institute is named. Let me read you an account of what I see as the beginning of the present love message in the Church today. Moody died in 1899 so that is over 120 years ago.

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Duration 50:32
Date Oct 16, 2022
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text John 3:16
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