Abraham's patient faith


“Patient” to be calm, not agitated. We wait on God, squirming in our seats. God however just wants us to be still while He is moving things into place. We want to apply pressure ourselves instead of allowing God to move in His way and time. Here we see Abraham was in the very land God promised but yet he wasn't anchored there. As such when God would say, go he could go. Now God does disclose something's to us. Not to string us along but to help us focus. If we ever got all the details at one time we couldn't handle it anyway, but we sure want to try that. In the story God had given Abraham some of the details. Enough for him to believe and follow. Why? Because he had patient faith to believe what God has said. Do we believe what God has said? We break our word but God never, ever does. He is dependable and caring. It may take awhile before we start to see results, took decades for Abraham, but God will come through for us just like He did for Abraham. Just be patient and have faith.

Sermon ID 12271117141
Duration 39:50
Date Dec 20, 2011
Category Midweek Service
Bible Text Hebrews 11:9; Hebrews 11:10
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