Here Is The Patience Of The Saints

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The Gospel of Jesus Christ and His promise of eternal life to enjoy a sin-free and pain free existence in His kingdom of heaven has been preached from the beginning of creation. God has been announcing His promise to give eternal life and citizenship in His Kingdom known since the beginning of the world.
We celebrate the birth of Jesus because He is our Savior. He came as God manifested in human flesh to pay for our sins. We are now waiting for Him to return in glory and power to deliver us sin. This is His promise. And for this promise we wait.
In the meantime, we endure the miseries of this world. We endure the persecutions of our enemies who hate Christ. We endure the spiritual attacks designed by Satan to discourage us, to shut down our ministry, and to take our lives. This wait for deliverance is our patience. This is the patience of all saints.

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00:00 Christ's Promise To Redeem Us
01:49 The Judgment Of God
09:29 God's Promise
13:32 Patiently Waiting For God's Promise

Dec 24, 2023
Revelation 14:6-12; Revelation 21:1-4
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