059 The Disciples Were Called Christians (Acts 11:19-26) 1 of 2

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CURRENT EVENTS UPDATE: (1) Israel at War 12/24/23 as Evangelicals (Huckabee, Heitzig, Blackwell, etc.) visit Israel to show support apostate church leaders LIE, blasphemously abuse the Bible and support Satan's Hamas Islamic death cult. (2) Jezebel leaders Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton promise to leave the U.S. if Trump is elected. The PERFECT Christmas give for 2024!

In our study, the transition from Mosaic Law to the Gospel of Grace continues to spread to Phenice, Cyprus and the city of Antioch, Syria. Disciples of Jesus are labelled with the originally derogatory term "Christian". We will discuss the names hurled at believers and the meaning of the word "disciple" with the requirements listed by Jesus.

Also Reference: Galatians 2:11, Luke 14:26-27, Luke 14:33


Dec 24, 2023
Radio Broadcast
1 Corinthians 5:13; Acts 11:19-26
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