A Massacre This Christmas?!

Staff PickFeatured on Dec 25, 2008

As we enjoy our Christmas Carol Concerts, purchase our final gifts, look forward to our traditional turkey dinners, and appreciate family get-togethers at this holiday time, ...

... our brethren and sisters in India - and in many other parts of the world - are nervously awaiting a bout of fresh persecution for the cause of Christ!

On 17 December 2008, right-wing Hindu organisations in the province of Orissa, India, said they will observe a state-wide shut-down (bandh / strike) for 12 hours on Christmas Day.

Previous strikes last Christmas and in the summer (August 25) triggered waves of anti-Christian violence across the eastern state of Orissa.

In response to this continued violence, the United States Congressional Task Force on International Religious Freedom held a briefing titled, “The Threat Religious Extremism Poses to Democracy and Security in India: Focus on Orissa.”

On Thursday, 18 December, 2008, the British House of Lords held a two and a half hour debate about recent developments in India. During this debate it was stated, "The closedown that the militants have declared on Christmas Day has put Christians awaiting Christmas into great fear.”

Brethren and sisters in India NEED our prayers!

Check out some details here: http://www.gfa.org/orissa-update

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Date Dec 22, 2008
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Bible Text Esther 4:14; Matthew 2:16-18
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