[01/01/2023 AM] - "Faith, Demons, and Jesus" - Mark 9:14-29

We are richly blessed to be able to worship our God Lord's day after Lord's day and structure our lives around that most special day. 
How has the Lord blessed you this past year? What challenges has He brought you through? How has He grown you spiritually? We would be wise to evaluate our answers to these questions. In all of the ups and downs we can rejoice in God's faithfulness during all of 2022. 
We will return to our study of Mark at 9.14-29. Here we are called to trust the sovereign power of the Lord and see His kingship exercised through His church. Pray earnestly that the Lord would continue to grow our spiritual sensibilities through a careful study of His Word in Mark.

Scripture Reading: Mark 9:14-29
Text: Mark 9.14-29
Message: "Faith, Demons, and Jesus"

Theme: The Lordship of Jesus Christ through His church is realized by faith alone

  1. We see the amazed crowd immediately encircle Jesus

  2. The Lord rebukes the obvious lack of faith

  3. The compassion and mighty power of Jesus clearly portrayed

  4. The Lord instructs His disciples on the necessity of true faith

Jan 1, 2023
Sunday - AM
Mark 9:14-29
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