A Warning About The Horrors of Hell


The gospel is primarily a message of salvation of rescue but a rescue from what?
What are we saved from?

‎‎‎The Bible is clear that every person that is not saved or Rescued by Jesus. Every person that rejects the only way of salvation, every person that refuses to admit that they are willful defiant sinners. Every person that transgresses God's Law will spend eternity in a conscious, never ending place of torment and hopelessness that Jesus warned is called Hell.

‎‎‎ While many and even most pastors today will never speak about, or warn about the truth of eternal torment. It is my prayer that the sermon that you are about to hear will literally scare the Hell out of you.

‎‎‎I pray that at the end of this sermon that everyone that hears this is so terrified of living another second without Jesus Christ that they will cry out screaming God have mercy upon me a sinner.

Dec 21, 2014
Sunday - AM
Luke 5:31-32; Matthew 25:46
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