The Straight Line of truth


Solomon says, "Buy the truth." This word "truth" not only involves truth, it is from the word ʾemeth which also means "faithfulness, reliability, and stability." We are to strive to have all these traits in our lives. This will require attentiveness, willingness to work hard, teachableness, discernment, humility, self-control, and dependence upon the Lord. These traits will be needed in our life to acquire wisdom, truth, faithfulness, or reliability. The king says, "Don't lose these things at any cost. Don't sell them! Don't give them away. These are valuable and are to be guarded in us at all costs!" These four commodities are not cheaply acquired; they come at a great price. In fact, teaching these priceless treasures to others is the great purpose of Proverbs. God's Word is truth Jn.17:17. We receive wisdom through God's Word. His Word corrects our sinful nature and gives us understanding, teaching us how to live successfully 2 Ti.3:15-17. Instruction or discipline (musar) comes through chastening. We must be willing to pay the necessary price—endure chastening—in order to learn to control our fleshly desires and obey God's Holy Word. We must spend our energy and effort to acquire these four valuable commodities, and never sell them for anything this world has to offer. Now folks, you're not going to learn simply by watching ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN. You're not going to get truth by those internet sites and those google search engines. As a matter of fact, you're going to be led away from truth if you don't get away and get some good, solid reading material of the word of truth back into your mind.

Jan 21, 2024
Sunday - AM
Proverbs 23:23
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