Israel, Past, Present, and Future #7


The clearest reference to Israel's future national restoration is found in Romans 11:26: "And so all Israel shall
be saved." As one might imagine, there is controversy over the meaning of these words (which we will seek to
address), but I submit that the interpretation that teaches a future conversion of Israel as a nation to Christ
and teaches that a converted Israel will be brought into the New Covenant Church of Jesus Christ is not an
interpretation that originated with dispensationalism in the 19th century (as some have falsely claimed). I
share this historical testimony with you, not as the ground upon which your faith should rest, but as
confirmation that sound teachers/scholars of the church long before dispensationalism arrived believed that
Romans 11:26 taught the future national conversion of Israel and its inclusion into the one Church of Jesus
Christ. Here are a few examples—all interpretations of Romans 11:26.

Dec 17, 2023
Sunday Service
Romans 11:25-26
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