[11/05/2023 AM] - “Who He Is; Who They Are” - Mark 12:35-40


Let's begin in the morning at Mark 12.35-40 where we will see how important it is to know God's Word. The Old Testament revealed the promised arrival of the Messiah - if God's people would have looked carefully. When we don't study and know His Word our doctrine and life behavior shows it. The AM sermon will show us Christ and ourselves! Praise the Lord.

Scripture Reading: Mark 12:35-40
Text: Mark 12:35-40
Message: "Who He Is; Who They Are"

Theme: False teachers fail to see correctly Who Jesus Is and who they are

These scribes make a most serious doctrinal error – Who Jesus Is

They failed to see that David spoke by the Holy Spirit

They failed to grasp that Jesus is Lord!

These scribes also make a deadly error of practice

Jesus warns to be on watch – don't do what they do

What they do is live out of self-congratulatory pride

Nov 5, 2023
Sunday - AM
Mark 12:35-40
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