The First Christmas

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This first section of Luke is the main Christmas story. In it there are no wise men, but it does show God's sovereignty over mankind. God is willing to go to great lengths to make His word come to pass. Most people in the world today cannot imagine what the people in the West take for granted. God arranged for Joseph and Mary to be displaced so that Jesus had to be wrapped and placed in a feeding trough. People all around the world who have heard this message for centuries, can relate to the Christmas story, not just the 1% of the world. That is what the Father had planned for His Son. God also choose an unusual group to get the message about the Messiah. He sent the birth announcement of Jesus to a lower ranked group of workers, the shepherds who watched sheep all night long. Shepherds were not well thought of; even so, Jesus referred to Himself as a Shepherd. The shepherds went to see Jesus and told what they had heard to others just as they had been told. God always does exactly what He says. He knows exactly what He is doing and it is for the good of those who love Him.

Dec 18, 2015
Luke 2:1-20
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