Salvation In The Roman Catholic Bible!


Can anyone reading the Roman Catholic Bible discover the vital truths of salvation?

This message, focusing on the words of John 5:24-26 in the Roman Catholic Bible, shows how any Roman Catholic who reads these words open-heartedly, prayerfully and discerningly will find within them the key to the door of heaven.

These words reveal:

(1) The PERSON of Salvation ...

Answering the challenges:

• Is there any salvation outside the RC Church?

• Can Mary or the Saints be Mediators for us?

(2) The POSSESSION of Salvation ...

Asking the questions:

• Is the Mass still necessary?

• Can the Priest forgive sins?

(3) The PERMANENCE of Salvation ...

Covering the topics:

• Can we have assurance of salvation in this life?

• Where does Purgatory fit in?

Sermon ID 12210846291
Duration 38:44
Date Dec 14, 2008
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text John 5:24-26
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