It Really is as Good as This


What blessings and inheritance are indeed ours when we believe. Election and the Redemption accomplished through Jesus Christ, mean that we receive the promised Holy Spirit when we are converted. We then have Christ more in our view and can look to our future in heaven with Him. We find our location in the wider purposes of God. It opens our eyes, not to our glory, but to His glory. We have all this before us, but we know that in the present there is His affection and care towards us. There was power that raised the Lord from the dead but that was only the beginning of it. He has now ascended on high, has been crowned and is now reigning. He is over all the angelic host, both the obedient and disobedient. He rules over all earthly rulers and outranks them all.
Main Headings:
1: The need for understanding
2: What we see
3: We find our place in Him

Sermon ID 12202283425538
Duration 39:12
Date Nov 6, 2022
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text Ephesians 1:15-23
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