#130 Dr. Benjamin Bogard vs Amie Simple McPherson Debate on the Spiritual Gift

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CH#130 Dr. Benjamin Marcus Bogard vs Amie Simple McPherson Debate on the Spiritual Gifts of 'God When & If They ceased during the Church Age. Amie McPherson was the founder of the Four Square Gospel Church and Calvary Chapel Dr Jim Phillips reads from the booklet published by Dr Bogard. The Bogard versus McPherson Debate pages 1-22 Matthew 16:18, 28:18-20. McPherson Bogard Debate pages -34-44 Dr. Jim Phillips by request begins the Church History & The Evolution of Theology series. Dr. Jim Phillips If anyone would like to make a donation all donations no matter how small will be appreciated. Thank you. Our Address in Fish Lake Valley is POB 121 Dyer, Nevada 89010. You may also make a donation by pushing the support button at the top of this page. You Can make your donation through paypal or any credit card. Thank You IRS EIN # 82-5114777

Dec 23, 2023
Midweek Service
Matthew 16:18; Matthew 28:18-20
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