A Type of Christ is Killed by a Type of Christ. Hmm... What could that mean?


Our pastor seems to think that it is better for you if he piles on MORE questions to answer the Mount McKinley size MOUNTIAN of questions he has already piled upon you. If that makes any sense to you... you're weird like most of us.

We start off with a comment from one of our own. She went to a church this morning close to where she lives and asked the pastor if he thought you can lose your salvation. His answer was, “We have room in our church for people who believe both sides.” I'll let you listen to Pastor Chronister’s answer...

We left off at 1 Kings 13

  1. Jeroboam's hand Withered
    Zachariah 11:17
  2. Josiah + Cyrus = Christ
  3. Calf | Lamb contrast
  4. Judas / Hosea 13:2, 14:2. The Kiss was not an accident.
  5. Lion | Donkey
    The unnamed profit is killed by the Lion. He is a type of Christ that is killed by a type of Christ. Do you see the connection to the crucifixion?

But first, we need to get to a few of the backlog of questions from our Internet audience. I'll let you listen to these. The topics are... Quantum Physics. The Mind Brain Problem. Alzheimer’s. Drug induced comma's. The 3 options of Adam. Really exciting and uplifting stuff. Okay, maybe not... but it's stuff we at Cliffside jump into with both feet.

Now we move on to Isaiah 53:10-12, compared with Psalm 22:1. And the word “bruise” takes you to Genesis 3:15…….
... OK, I'll admit it. I got caught up in the sermon and have not been keeping notes for you. But it's really OK. Trust me... This is one of those sermons you're better off listening to than trying to make any sense of the disjointed stuff I'm attempting to write.

Here’ suggestion for you. Just press play already.

Sermon ID 121914444451
Duration 1:05:46
Date Nov 17, 2013
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Isaiah 53:10-12; Psalm 22:1
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