If it is by Works, it is Not of Grace

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Theme: The Law Confines All Under Sin so that The Promise of Faith would be to All Who Believe.
I. Did You Receive the Spirit by the Works of the Law or by the Hearing of Faith? - vv. 1-9
A. Turning from the Gospel of Christ Would Seem to Require Bewitching – vv. 1-4
B. God Promised that All Nations would be Blessed by faith in Christ – vv. 5-9
II. Attempting Salvation by Works Makes Christ's Sacrifice Worthless – vv. 10-18
A. Christ Became the Curse for Us, Trying to be Saved by Works Returns to that Curse – vv. 10-14
B. The Promise by Faith to Abraham is Not Annulled by the Law that Came 430 Years Later – vv. 15-18
III. The Law Points Us Forward to the Messiah, By Which We Become Children of God – vv. 19-29
A. All Confined under Sin that the Promise of Faith would be to All Who Believe – vv. 19-24
B. All Believers are Sons of God through Faith in Christ – vv. 25-29

Jan 21, 2024
Sunday Service
Galatians 3
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