Parent's Groans Over Their Wicked Children - 1681

My Dear Children!
I am sensible of my unworthiness, and unfitness to be seen in Print;
it is now above Twenty years since, by the power and goodness of
God, I was unexpectedly rescued from the jaws of death, which was
the reason I then published that little book, called, Christ's Power
over bodily Diseases: and I had never been the Author of a book of
this Title, had not two of you, but especially one made me the Father
of fools.
I shall here say no more particularly to you two, but that sound
repentance, and the fruits thereof, in a settled reformation of life, will
yet be your glory, and my joy; but if ye hate to be reformed, (which
God forbid) I shall mourn till I die for the loss of Children, but ye will
be tormented forever for the loss of God.

Dec 12, 2023
Proverbs 17:25
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