11 Rejoice in the Lord

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Rejoice in the Lord
Philippians 3:1-11

I. Rejoice in the Lord. 1-3

A. Know the Reality of This Joy. 1

  1. Joy Is for All Believers.
  2. God Commands Us to Rejoice.
  3. The Foundation for Joy Is Not Within You.

B. Know the Enemy of This Joy. 2

  1. Beware.
  2. Be Clear in Exposing False Teaching and Teachers.

C. Know the Activity of This Joy, 3

  1. We Worship In the Spirit of God.
  2. We "Glory" in Christ's Necessity and Sufficiency..
  3. We Do Not Put Any Confidence in the Flesh.

II. Value, Above All, Knowing Christ. 4-11

A. The Seductive Vanity of the Flesh

  1. Works of the Flesh Give You a False Confidence. 4
  2. Works of the Flesh Provide Credentials. 5
  3. Works of the Flesh Demand Commitment. 5
  4. Works of the Flesh Are Challenging. 6

B. The Surpassing Value of Christ

  1. To Be in Christ through Faith, 9
    2 Corinthians 5:21
  2. To Know Christ through Fellowship, 10
  3. To Be with Christ in Eternity, 11


  1. God wants you to have joy.
  2. Joy is found only in Jesus and so our quest is to know Christ and live unto Christ.
  3. Joy will be complete when Jesus returns.
Recorded Nov 27, 2022
Published Dec 1, 2022
Bible Text Philippians 3:1-11
Event Sunday - PM
Sermon ID 121221548331280
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