Faithfulness In An Unfaithful World- Building a Biblically Strong Marriage

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This sermon is for every married couple, every struggling couple, every couple in engagement counseling. This message is for you and everyone you know, please share and support us so that we can continue to bring God's Word around the world.

The Apostle Peter Calls Marriage The Grace Of Life!There Is No Higher Union In Life Than Marriage.
There Is No Other Relationship In Life That Can Be Closer Than To Be Married In A God Ordained Relationship, A Covenant With Your Spouse, A Husband And A Wife For The Entirety Of Your Life.
Marriage Is A Commitment To Unity And Understanding; Love And Fellowship;
Intimacy And Exclusivity.
The entire Scripture from Genesis to Revelation is a story of a betrayal and a divorce, where the offended party, God, spends generations calling out, wooing,
His own wife which He created out of the mire of filth and sin.Culminating in a marriage supper for the Son of God and His Bride, and a Restoration of an old marriage covenant Through the Redeeming Work of the Son as well.
When God the Father had every right to put His betrothed to death, He promised their restoration and reunion.
Marriage is a Grace of God for this life only. Marriage is to be held as the highest physical relationship that can be had between two humans.
Marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman as God ordained it in Genesis 2.
The ecstasy, and bliss of marriage when pursued rightly, Marriage is the closest humans can come to understanding the relationship God and His People.

Dec 10, 2017
Sunday Service
Ephesians 5:22-33; Proverbs 25:19
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