Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) = Against Scriptural Announcements!


In a recent adjudication, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) determined that an advertisement placed by Sandown Road Free Presbyterian Church in the Belfast News Letter was offensive and indecent.

The full page advert, entitled, ‘The Word of God against Sodomy,’ was published to coincide with Belfast’s Gay Pride parade on Saturday, 2 August 2008. It was designed to provide a biblical response to the sin of sodomy that is the essence of this repulsive parade, and to announce a protest to be held at this event by Bible-believing Christians.

The ASA concluded that four statements against sodomy that appeared in the advert, “went further than the majority of readers were likely to find acceptable,” and (quite ironically and wickedly) ruled that they breached standards of “decency” as defined by the advertising industry.

However, each of these statements the ASA has found objectionable is a faithful representation of what Almighty God has declared in His Word – the timeless and unchangeable Scriptures of Truth.

This adjudication from the ASA is not only a violation of freedom of speech, attempting to curtail the right of a gospel preaching church to express its sincerely held beliefs on the subject of sodomy, but is actually an attack on the Bible itself, deeming its statements to
be unfit for publication in advertisements.

Sermon ID 12120856181
Duration 06:39
Date Dec 7, 2008
Category Current Events
Bible Text Leviticus 18:22; Leviticus 20:13; Romans 1:25-28
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