Israel: Past, Present, and Future #6

The Christian Church of Israel and the Christian Church of Egypt (which is presently an Islamic nation) will in
the future hold the same biblical doctrine, worship, and church government. The Christian Church of Israel will
not gather in a rebuilt temple, offering animal sacrifices, through the Levitical priesthood, nor will the Christian
Church of Egypt gather in mosques and pray toward Mecca, but both of these national churches will gather on
the Lord's Day (the Christian Sabbath) to hear the Bible preached by faithful pastors, and will both confirm the
New Covenant in Christ's blood by means of the Lord's Supper. There is coming a time when God will remember His covenant made with Israel as a nation.
The New Covenant of Grace for Israel is the same New Covenant of Grace for all nations. When the Lord
converts Israel and the nations of this world to Himself, He will do so through faith in the gospel of Christ
alone, and both Israel and the nations will become Christ's people by way of national covenants made with
the Lord Jesus.

Dec 12, 2023
Sunday Service
Isaiah 19:18-25
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