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Featured on Dec 10, 2023

I had the immense privilege of visiting the land of Scotland. I enjoyed visiting historical sites, worshipping with the saints, and even praying with one of the last surviving eyewitnesses of the 1950 Isle of Lewis revival. But there was one aspect of the trip that caught my attention. There was something particularly edifying about how the Scottish churches sang the psalms.

According to Psalm 19:7-9, God's Word is perfect, sure, right, pure, clean, and true. If this is the case, no human author can outwrite it, outshine it, excel it, or improve upon it. It's already perfect, and purified seven times (Psalm 12:6).

God has given us a divinely-inspired songbook that is meant to be sung through the ages. It unfortunate that many churches have no place for the Psalms in their worship at all. It is for this reason that we embarked on this project to produce one of the most deluxe and affordable renditions of the universally accepted 1650 Scottish Psalter in the hopes that it will appeal to churches far outside any single denomination.

The 1650 Scottish Psalter is crafted with scholarship and devotion by some of the most godly men at the time. It is a GIFT to the English-speaking church and should be embraced as such. It is our desire to reintroduce this treasure of Scripture-based praise back into the worship of God among His people.

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Special thanks to Sean McDonald for his meticulous editing assistance with this project.

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Duration 02:50
Date Dec 10, 2023
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Bible Text Psalm 19:7-9
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