Is the bible the word of God?


INTRO: Welcome to the year, 2007! For a number of years, on New Years Day I would give a message on the Word of God and then I would challenge this congregation to read through the Bible. I have given out 24 certificates to those who have read through the Bible. I offer to you a certificate if at some time this past year you completed a reading of the entire Word of God, and to anyone who finishes reading through the Bible this coming year.

In June of 1994, I gave a message that many have requested on tape, and this morning I want to give that message again so that it can be put on CD for those who wish a copy. I also give this message to challenge you to read through the Bible. And if you started some time in the past and you stopped, then let me encourage you to start where you left off and keep going from there. You probably got lost somewhere in those lists of genealogies and you'll come to that place again anyway. So just start where you left off. That will throw the devil for a loop.

Jan 1, 2007
Sunday Service
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