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Living by the Word.Psalms 1:1-6 Someone has said that happiness is the seed and happiness shared is the flower. A happy person produces flowers for others. They bear fruit and they prosper in all they do.This person in Psalms 1 is not only blessed but they are a blessing to others. They are fruitful and productive with others enjoying the blessings that flow from the life they are experiencing.Real happiness does not depend on what is going on around you.You can be in the middle of a storm and still be happy. It depends on where your source of happiness is. If being happy depends on good things happening to you then bad things will make you unhappy.But if the source of your happiness is the river of God your happiness is not dictated by what is happening around you or to you.The blessed man guards his life by guiding his life by God's Word.

Jan 15, 2023
Sunday - AM
Psalm 1
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