Lies and More Lies

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The term “poker face” is used to describe the expressionless façade that people use to hide their true emotions, specifically when playing poker. Oftentimes, players will wear sunglasses and try to partially cover their face to throw off the opponent sitting across from them.

As you may know, some people are said to have a bad “poker face” because it’s very obvious when they are not telling the truth. It might be the gleam in their eye or a slight smirk that lets you know that they are fibbing.

On the other hand, there are people who are great liars. They can say just about anything and you might be inclined to believe them. Lies are the foundation for some of the biggest atrocities in all of human history.

One of those atrocities is something that is going on even as we speak. Dr. Kennedy exposes that atrocity in his message: “Lies and More Lies.”

Sermon ID 118181546370
Duration 28:30
Date Jan 20, 2018
Category TV Broadcast
Bible Text John 8:44; Psalm 139:11-17
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